Poultry products


Mondial Foods in the Netherlands is one of the leading Dutch export and trading company working in the field of frozen poultry and other products with worldwide coverage. We deliver a full range of poultry cuts and products from mainly Europe, South America and North America, therefore does the majority of shipments involve chicken products. However Mondial Foods offers an extensive selection year round of frozen turkey and duck and its cuts items that suits any retail and foodservice as well.

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Our main customers are importers and buyers in the following sectors: food service, retail distributors and for food processing industries. Customers can get our products in tailor made specifications as it comes to graded poultry, calibrations and packing.

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Frozen Poultry products

European, American and Brazilian origin

  • Whole chicken and chicken cuts
  • Whole hens and hen cuts
  • Turkey cuts
  • Whole Peking duck and cuts
  • Breast (boneless / skinless)
  • Chicken leg quarter and thigh meat (skin-on / skinless), Chicken shawarma
  • MDM, trimmings and baader meats
  • Yakitori products
  • Halal or generic

Frozen Poultry - Chicken shawarma boneless skin on Frozen Poultry - Chicken leg quarter

Customers can get technical support, advice or a price quote by contacting our poultry department.


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