About Mondial Foods

Mondial Foods was founded in 2002 in The Netherlands. With their background in the Dutch meat industry, the owners of Mondial Foods initially started trading chilled and frozen pork meat. This between western and eastern European countries under the previous company name Mondial Meat Trading. Along with poultry and beef this quickly became an important part of sales.

Due to an increased demand for diverse food products Mondial Foods has achieved sustained sales. This in other fields of produce such as French fries, potato products, vegetables, dairy and seafood. These new sectors have in turn developed strong relationships with food producers all across Europe as well as North and South America. Today, we have a skilled local procurement team in place enabling us to secure your products at the right specifications and price with the comprehensive logistic service you expect.

In addition to our purchasing office in the Netherlands and Brazil, Mondial Foods has developed a strong sales force in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. These three are specific markets where enhanced customer service is essential for sustained relationships. Furthermore, we have strategic alliances in South Korea, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

As of 2023 Mondial Foods has several offices worldwide. Our head office is in Colmschate – the Netherlands. Besides our head office we also have offices in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Brasil, UAE and Curaçao.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop business opportunities for quality food products at competitive pricing. Furthermore to support our customers in their local production and marketing operations it is our commitment to work hand-in-hand with the hard-working growers and producers who make it all possible.

Our Vision

Maintaining to be a trustworthy provider of quality foods with outstanding customer service by offering an all-round and flexible service with consistency and presentation.

Our Values

  • Product requirements and customer service are leading our operations.
  • Food safety and trace ability is key.
  • Skilled people fit for the job on procurement, product development, and sales.
  • Take responsibility, ensuring long-lasting relationships.
  • Around-the-clock customer service wherever and whenever needed.
  • Up-to-date market information and full logistic service to make your life easier.